While the stay-at-home orders may have been temporary, our cautious habits are probably going to stick around and that’s something to keep in mind when selecting a hotel for your wedding. Normally we talk about the size of your wedding party, suites, a hotel bar, etc. and while those continue to be important when selecting the right hotel for your wedding, you may want to also consider the following:

Contactless check-in.

This technology has been around for years with many hotels offering the ability to check-in via an app. While it may have seemed impersonal at first, Covid-19 has accelerated the need to offer contactless check-in. In April 2020 Hilton announced that guests will be able to choose their room, get a digital key and check-out using their mobile device. Another option for check-out that any hotel can do (insider tip) is to call the front desk from your room and let them know you’re leaving and to e-mail you your folio.

Outdoor Space.

If you’re hoping to host an event such as a brunch or rehearsal dinner, you may want to consider hotels that have outdoor space. You can always distance yourselves indoors in accordance with guidelines, but if weather permits a little fresh air can feel reassuring.

Cleanliness Guidelines.

As of March 2020, many hotels have developed stringent guidelines regarding sanitation and cleanliness. Before selecting a hotel make sure you take a look at the updated guidelines. If you’re working with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks, they will automatically do that for you but if not, make sure you ask from the initial interaction because it’s something you’ll want to evaluate along with the rates you’ll be receiving.

Staying Safe.

In addition to what the hotel is doing, your guests can also take precaution. We recommend wiping down surfaces such as door handles, toilet handles, faucets, closet door handles and light switches. If you’re planning to offer your guests welcome bags, including hand sanitizer and wipes may be the new normal.


Regardless of what 2020 has brought us, the timeline for booking a hotel block has not changed. The hotel block information should ideally be on your save-the-dates and your invitations so you want to have a room block booked about 10 months before your wedding.

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