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Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks is a complimentary service that will search, negotiate and book your hotel block for your out-of-town wedding guests. Our team of licensed meeting planners with over 30 years of experience negotiating hotel contracts will save you time, energy, and money by leveraging our relationships to get you the best deals and rates at any hotel worldwide. Superior service is paramount to the Kleinfeld name, and that carries through to you and your out-of-town wedding guests with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks.
If you have more than five out-of-town guests with intentions of traveling to your wedding, you will need to provide them with suggested hotel accommodations. The complimentary service, Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks, will save you time during your wedding planning process and ensure you impress your guests with the best hotel options and rates.
No, Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks is a free service. As licensed meeting planners worldwide, the hotels pay our fee, not you or your guests.
No. It does not matter where you purchased your wedding gown. Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks is available to couples all over the world.
Taking advantage of over 30 years of experience negotiating hotel contracts, Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks saves time, energy, and money by leveraging our relationships to get you the best deals and rates at any hotel worldwide. Superior service is paramount to the Kleinfeld name, and that carries through to you and your out-of-town wedding guests with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks.
Due to the buying power that goes along with the Kleinfeld brand name, we can leverage this power across the wedding room block market to get you the best rates possible. We also have global relationships set up with all of the major hotel brands giving us even better deals and rates for you. The hotels pay Kleinfeld a small commission for the booking. Since the hotel pays the rate is not higher and does not affect your room rates.
Please be advised that at times you may find lower rates on third party internet channels however, it will not have the same value as your special group rates from Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks. You will not be able to count on the availability or flexibility of these occasionally discounted channels, where as you can always count on the detailed contract we provide regarding group block inventory and flexibility. Our rates are locked in until 30 days prior to arrival of your group and offer special concessions and amenities that an online rate cannot possibly compete with. Some of the amenities may include free shuttle, free bridal suite, amenities for you and your partner, etc…
We are able to book room blocks for five rooms or more.
Anywhere in the world! Although the Kleinfeld flagship is located in New York City, we are licensed worldwide and will book your block whether it’s local to NYC, Europe, the Caribbean or beyond.
We suggest booking your hotel block 9-12 months prior to the wedding to lock in the best rates for your guests. Once your wedding venue is selected, the hotel block should be the next step.
We are experts in this industry; let us pass along our expertise to you. Don’t spend your precious time researching area hotels. Save yourself the time, money, and energy by letting us use our special negotiated rates for you! We will negotiate added amenities for you and your guests as well as negotiate the stringent contract clauses.
After we receive your request, we will begin the process and start negotiating the best possible rates for your group, using our 30 years of combined hotel experience and the Kleinfeld name to get you the best deal. Within 2 business days, we will get back to you with a simple proposal listing up to 10 different hotels including rates, amenities and distance from wedding venue.
Since hotel room rates change daily, the rate is valid for about 5-7 days, but varies by hotel. Of course we will try our best and request that the hotel honors the rate but there is no guarantee. We suggest booking within one week of receiving our proposal.
Most hotels provide offers that are valid for up one week. After one week, we will contact the hotel to check on availability and rates so that we can provide you with an updated offer.
Rates are a commodity, like an airline ticket or the price of gold, and they fluctuate daily depending on market conditions of supply and demand.
We will request an agreement from the hotel(s). We will review the agreement and confirm or request revisions that will ensure you are protected from the hotel and its clauses....
We will gladly set up a hotel visit for you. Simply let us know which hotels you’re interested in and we’ll set-up the appointments.
The agreement is necessary to protect you and your guests. With an agreement, hotels have to honor the specially discounted rates for your group. This ensures you get the best rates and deals for your guests.
Yes, we suggest selecting one hotel; however, in larger cities, we often recommend a higher priced block as well as a more affordable option, for your out of town guests. Ultimately, we feel one hotel is easier logistically for you and your guests (providing transportation from hotel to your venue; gift bag arrangements; breakfast etc.) It also creates a more family friendly feeling to have everyone under one roof. Certainly, exceptions have been made and you can talk to your personal Kleinfeld Hotel block consultant about your specific needs.
Attrition is the percentage of the room block that you are financially responsible for according to your contract. This is why we will negotiate the contract for you! Group attrition policies vary from hotel to hotel and can often be handled on a case by case basis. Generally, hotels will allow 10-20 rooms to be blocked without a penalty. If you want to block off more rooms the hotels ask for 50-90% attrition depending on the time of year, demand, etc. We will work with you and the hotels directly to ensure you have the best experience. We try to get what is called a courtesy block, without attrition for our brides, whenever possible. With a courtesy block you would not be held financially responsible for guaranteeing your guests’ rooms.
Payment can be arranged in a wide variety of ways depending on your group's needs. Many couples feel that it is best for each guest to make their own reservation and payment directly.
Unfortunately, once a hotel provides you a direct quote, we don’t have much influence. That’s why it’s best to use our service from the beginning. With our amazing global partnerships connected to hundreds of major hotel brands, we will be able to get you the best rates!
Kleinfeld, the leader in bridal fashion, is always looking for ways to provide added value to our brides. For over 70 years, we have provided unparalleled service and Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks will do the same thing for you and your wedding guests.
Email us at info@kleinfeldhotelblocks.com or call (908) 899-0211. We'd love to hear from you!
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