This week Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks and our founder’s Michelle Donson & Laura Krueger, were featured on the Just Engaged U&I-versity podcast.

Hosted by Geovanna Burgess White, the Just Engaged podcast is shedding some light on all things wedding planning. Every week she brings in wedding planning experts to answer questions couples will have during the planning process. Based on her experience as a wedding planner, Geovanna realized that many couples were leaving their wedding room block for the last minute but also overwhelmed by the process. Fast forward to our introduction and it seemed like a natural fit for us to be featured on the podcast.

What’s different about this podcast is that while wedding planning tips are certainly a highlight, Geovanna digs into the story of our company and how we started. It’s a story of persistence, entrepreneurship and partnership. Our company was founded while one of our founders, Michelle, was 7 months pregnant and both founders were still working for a major hotel company where they were responsible for over 90% of their teams revenue. You can imagine it wasn’t the easiest time to start a new business but if you want the unfiltered perspective of what it took in addition to wedding planning tips, take a listen to the latest Just Engaged U&I-versity podcast.

Click Here to Listen —–> Just Engaged U&I-versity Podcast

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