Let’s break down one of the most confusing parts of wedding planning: The Hotel Block!

Picking the menu, floral arrangements, wedding attire and even invites is more about personal taste, but the hotel block is more technical so take advice from the people who worked in hotels- US!

Who needs to book a wedding room block?

If you’re having guests come from out of town, you definitely need a hotel block. You don’t need to have your RSVP’s to figure out how many rooms you’ll need, you simply need to estimate. We’ve helped thousands of couples book their hotel blocks and, in most cases, they book 10-15 rooms.

BUT the hotel block isn’t just for out-of-town guests.

If you know that you want to get ready in a suite, that your parents, siblings, and even your fiancé’s parents are going to want to stay near the venue, you could probably calculate at least 5 rooms for close friends/family and if that’s the case, we say book a block. Why? Bare minimum, all of the rooms (including the suite in most cases) will be discounted, it’s easier to coordinate gift deliveries and from a hotel perspective it’s nice for them to know who their special groups are. There can be other perks too, for example, often hotels will upgrade the parents, send some bubbly to the bridal suite, etc. but they can only do that if they know which rooms are special and the most efficient way to do this is with a room block.

Now there is a slight caveat to this, allow us to explain.

Generally, the minimum number of rooms to be considered a room block is 10; however, in most U.S. based cities the hotels can do a room block without financial obligation in which case you can book a block of 10 rooms even if you only intend to use 5. Don’t feel bad, hotels are happy to have the business, plus they typically release the rooms 30 days before your wedding, so they have the opportunity to resell unused rooms.

What if I’m not sure of any of the above?

That’s okay too. First consider how far out you are from your wedding date. If it’s 10 months or less, it’s time to think about the above because you’ll need to book a room block sooner rather than later. And if you’re really not sure but think there’s a chance some people may need a room block, simply book a small block of 10 and let your guests know it’s available. Remember in most cases the hotels won’t require financial obligation so it’s okay if no rooms get used, but of course we don’t want to take advantage of that either, so we say as long as your intention is good, book guilt-free.

Ready to Book a Hotel Block? Let us help.