During wedding planning the hotel can be a key part of your big day or be one of the most overlooked opportunities. We’re sharing all of our insider knowledge so you can decide.

Here’s our list of must-have hotel details that not all hotels offer but we think are important in helping the wedding day go smoothly.

  1. Full-Length Mirror

Whenever we go visit a hotel, we always look for a full-length mirror. Sometimes it’s hiding in the closet door or on the bathroom door but aside from cleanliness and overall aesthetic, the number 1 detail we look for is a full-length mirror.

Why? For a couple going down the aisle, we get it, you want to look good when the photographer starts snapping away but we also think about the guests attending the wedding. And whether you’re knotting the tie around your neck or checking to see if that back zipper is all the way up on the dress, you need to be able to see the full outfit.

It may seem like a small detail but if you’ve ever stayed in a hotel that doesn’t have a full-length mirror, you’ll notice.

  1. Room Service (or an option for late night food)

Some hotels are getting away from offering room service in house which is okay as long as they have some other food options that can be delivered such as a partnership with a local restaurant. Not every hotel has this, but we think it’s important for those late-night munchies, snacks, and if guests need to head home early after the wedding, it’s nice for them to be able to grab something before heading out.

Bonus if there’s a 24-hour option available but in big cities like NYC where you can order in or walk out the hotel door and find tons of options, it’s less important although convenient.

  1. Natural Light

Nowadays we don’t need to dwell on the importance of lighting. Just scroll through your social media feed and the point is made but some cool edgy hotels like to go with the dark lighting, and we get it- it’s sexy, sultry- gives the hotel a personality BUT when you’re getting ready lighting is key.

We love a hotel that has a ton of natural light, usually the suites or hospitality rooms will have this but it’s always nice to double check. Trust us, your photographer and hair and make-up artist will thank you (or at least comment on the great lighting).

In the case that you’re getting ready late night for an after-sundown wedding, you may still want natural lighting for photos, but we’d also recommend looking for a make-up mirror in the bathroom.

  1. Extra make-up mirrors and bar stools.

A lot of couples don’t realize this, but if you have a large bridal party and multiple make-up artists, you can often ask the hotel to prep your bridal suite or hospitality room with extra bar stools and mirrors for the hours when you’ll be getting ready. Make-up artists often prefer the higher chairs so they’re not bending over casting a shadow on you. As we’ve already learned, messing with the lighting is never a good idea so if bar stools and extra mirrors help, take advantage of that. And while you’re at it, ask for some extra towels too.

Keep in mind this is something you have to request. A hotel will not automatically provide you with bar stools and mirrors, so we recommend letting your on-site coordinator know you need these things when you book your room block. Then about a month out reconfirm with how many you’ll need the day of. If you have two hair & make-up artists working that day, then get 2-3 chairs. And finally, the week of your wedding reconfirm all the details, these extras included but also anything else you need to reconfirm such as shuttle times, gift-bags, suite check-in, VIP guests, etc. Over communicate and you’ll have a smooth stay.

  1. Outlet strips and/or extension cords.

Speaking of extras, outlet strips! This is another item you may not realize you’d need but depending on the set-up of the room, you’ll likely be getting ready where the lighting is best, which may not coordinate with where the nearest outlets are so we recommend asking the hotel for an extra outlet strip and perhaps an extension cord. This will also help if your make-up artist has several tools plugged in like the hair-dryer, curling iron, and straightener. Plus, if you have multiple artists, they’re definitely going to need this.

Again, this is something you have to request ahead of time so follow the same recommendations we listed under number 4, but if you’re type-A (we get it) this is something you can easily pack in your bag before heading to the hotel and if you happen to be getting ready at the venue, this would apply to that setting as well.

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*If you are booking with our service we can help you with all of the above, simply let us know what your priorities are when searching for a hotel at the start of the search and we’ll take care of the rest.