The global pandemic and social distancing policies have upended many couple’s plans for their 2020 wedding. Some couples have postponed their wedding dates, but others have turned to “mini-monies” in order to get married sooner or because they’ve run into competition for new wedding dates.

A mini-mony is usually about 10 people, often immediate family who are able to attend the wedding while adhering to social distancing policies. Some couples also opt to virtually stream their ceremony so friends can join from home or have plans to reenact the ceremony once larger celebrations are back in fashion. Not to mention that with the current economic hardships many are facing, a smaller ceremony in the face of a pandemic takes the pressure off.

Planning your Minimony.

A minimony is an intimate experience and while there are aspects we could bring in from a larger ceremony, there are also some aspects that are completely unique to your minimony.

Your Officiant.

 Starting with the officiant, you can consider a virtual officiant for your ceremony, or perhaps someone local would be able to officiate the wedding while maintaining social distancing.

With a more intimate ceremony, this is great time to consider incorporating handwritten vows as a way to make the ceremony extra special. Plus, for those who have a fear of public speaking, a smaller ceremony is a great way to have a special moment without the added stress of speaking in front of a large crowd.

Your Guests.

If you have friends and family who are local, consider having them come over for a backyard ceremony or a space large enough where people can still keep their distance, while being present. Another option is to host the ceremony virtually for your guests.

With live streaming options available on Facebook and Instagram you could have tall your friends join or for a more intimate approach try videoconferencing with a meeting code so you can limit attendees.


Just because you’re hosting a minimony, doesn’t mean you can’t make it special. If you’re having guests in person, consider ordering takeout meals from a favorite restaurant or maybe with the extra time at home you can prepare something special at home. Also, many bakeries have remained open and are taking custom cake orders if you’d like to commemorate the day with a special treat.

The Afterparty.

A minimony may be your celebration of choice or maybe it’s a placeholder until you can have your dream wedding. If it’s the latter, many couples are postponing their afterparty for when larger gatherings are permitted. If you choose to host an intimate ceremony but still want the big party, you can have your cake and eat it to. You may have to wait a while until you can celebrate in a larger gathering but use the extra time to research venues, vendors and gather guest contact information.


If you have guests that will need hotel accommodations for that bigger party, remember our service handles the wedding room blocks for free. Most couples book their room blocks a year in advance and we work with hundreds of thousands of hotels around the world.

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