Availability is decreasing.

With engagement season just ending, many newly engaged couples are now on the hunt for guest accommodations for their wedding, well before planning anything else. “If you do not book early, you will be competing for availability and may not be able to get your first choice hotel,” explains Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks Founder and CEO, Michelle. With that, definitely get moving on finding guest accommodations—thankfully, the Hotel Blocks team can help; and it’s totally complimentary!

Rates are increasing.

“Due to re-bookings from 2020 and 2021, rates are increasing,” says Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks Founder and CEO, Laura.  “In addition, now that the vaccine is out, couples who had put their plans on hold are starting to reconsider dates for 2021 and 2022,” she explains.

Flexible terms and conditions.

“It’s an ideal time to commit to a block of rooms right now—call it a silver lining during these trying times,” explains the Sofitel New York Hotel, a Kleinfeld Hotel Block Partner. “In most markets, hotel inventory is readily available and room rates are at their lowest in decades, and many hotels are including flexible terms and conditions,” With that, now is the time to pounce! “Once the vaccine becomes more widely distributed, availability and pricing will quickly adjust accordingly,”

Covid safety measures are now a part of the equation.

“It’s important that you keep your group together in one spot to decrease your chances of outside exposure from other hotels,” explains Laura. The faster you move to book, like the higher the chance of you being able to secure your top choice hotel, meaning you won’t need to book accommodations elsewhere.

Your guests can plan ahead, too.

“I think [booking guests accommodations far in advance] gives guests something exciting to look forward to,” suggests the team at the Ace Brooklyn, a Kleinfeld Hotel Block Partner. “I received a save the date just last week for a friend’s wedding in Oregon next September 2022 and immediately booked my hotel stay just because it felt good to have something planned in the future,” The sooner you book, the more time it gives your guests to prepare as well—in turn, taking added pressure off of the planning process.

One less thing to worry about.

“As always, let us help you check something off your to-do list!” says Laura. Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks is a complimentary service offered to all Kleinfeld brides—and a great option to take the stress of choosing guest accommodations off of you. Let the Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks team do the work to find you the perfect hotel for your wedding, at a great price. It’s that easy!

–Kleinfeld Bridal

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