Congratulations! You’re powering through that to-do list and checking things off. It’s a great feeling but it’s also a time to double check that everything is being communicated.

As with most things, communication is key and in the case of your wedding room block it’s not useful unless you’re guests are aware that you have a room block.

Here’s how you fill them in:

  1. When you send out your save-the-dates and/or when you send out your invitations.This is the best time to notify your guests of the hotel block as long as your invites are going out with 3-6 months notice. Typically the hotel block information is a slip of paper, a little larger than a business card, that’s included in your invitation and has one or two hotel options.
  2. A Wedding Website.Wedding websites are popular and we love the convenience of being able to put the booking link right on your website. With a website there’s more space to communicate about hotels but don’t overwhelm your guests, less is more when it comes to hotel options so we recommend one hotel for most weddings, sometimes two.
  3. Send an e-mail blast.This may be a bit more time consuming but it’s helpful to have a list of your guest’s e-mails, especially if you have multiple events or ceremonies taking place. You can send out a newsletter with all of the important wedding details such as your itinerary but you can also communicate the hotel information this way. More importantly, you can remind your guests to RSVP whether it be for wedding related events or in the case of the wedding room block, the cut-off date.Most hotels can offer a courtesy block or a room block without a financial obligation, where they hold rooms until a certain date as a courtesy and anything not booked by that date gets removed. Guests tend to leave the hotel accommodations until the last minute so the best way to guarantee that the hotel will have availability is to remind them book before the cut-off date. The best part is that often hotels create a custom weblink exclusively for your guests so you can include that link to make it easy for guests to book.
  4. All of the above (or a combination).
    How you choose to communicate with your guests is entirely up to you but whichever method works best make sure you communicate all of the information that pertains to a guest. Without a clear plan for your guests you’ll end up distracted on the big day, instead of focusing on your special moment.