The pandemic has touched every aspect of our lives and while that can bring up a lot of emotions and uncertainty, we want to shine a little bit of light in an already confusing time.

Let’s talk specifically about your wedding room block/ hotel block and what you should do next.


Postpone Your Wedding.

The event planning industry has urged customers to postpone their events rather than cancel, if possible. This helps to keep the vendors, hotels, and venues afloat, but it also saves you the hassle of negotiating cancellation fees or deposit returns.

In the case of a hotel block, those are typically complimentary so there are no fees for cancelling or postponing, it’s simply a matter of selecting new dates. With that said, many hotels have closed their doors until the summer and/or have furloughed their sales departments so you can expect delays in getting an updated wedding room block contract.

If you have booked your hotel block via our service, you’ve likely already heard from us about rescheduling your dates, but you can also reach out to the consultant who booked your block and they’ll take care of everything for you.


Canceling Your Wedding.

 If you decide to cancel rather than postpone, it’s best to notify all of your vendors and guests right away. In the case of your hotel, reach out to the person you booked your room lock with and let them know you need to cancel. Again, keep in mind that many hotels have reduced their staff so you may need to follow-up a few times in order to receive a confirmation.

In the case that you used our hotel block booking service, you will only need to contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest. In addition to the personal hotel contacts we have, we also have a software that’s integrated with over 300,000 hotels nationwide so we’re able to quickly communicate with the property.


If You Have a New Date.

If you’ve been able to rebook your wedding for a new date, congratulations! It’s always competitive finding a venue with your date available and with the pandemic that’s still the case. When you have a new date, we recommend you follow your planning checklist as you normally would. Reaching out to vendors, booking your hotel block (or initiating the process), etc. You may come across delays, but you’ll be on their radar and it will give you extra time to do any extra research.


Be Patient & Don’t Forget to Update Your Guests Know.

Everyone is struggling with the pandemic, some hotels have already closed for good but no matter the scenario, take a deep breath and focus on what you can get done while we’re in lockdown mode. One of the tasks on your list should definitely be keeping your guests updated.

If you haven’t already done so, this is a great time to gather contact information and create a wedding website so you can periodically update your guests.


 *If you have any more questions about how to book your hotel block or what to do with a block you’ve already booked. Contact our experts.