Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks- A Trusted Brand, A Trusted Service

More than ever, booking with a travel expert who can navigate the pitfalls of the Covid-19 Travelscape, is the way to go…

In this new normal where a quarantine can pop up at any time , state by state, and a hotel can close just as quickly as it has re-opened, a trusted service, such as Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks, is not only prudent, its essential. 

In the early days of the pandemic, Allyson Wegeler, Director of Sales for Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks, leveraged a long standing relationship with the Intercontinental Barclay Hotel in New York City , to secure a courtesy block, not hard contract, 10 rooms for a key wedding planner of hers.  The bride and groom of the planner were hesitant to put money down too far in advance to hold their block, their bridal suite and their next day brunch in the IHG Lounge.  Allyson was able to get the suite held and the brunch without money down from the wary couple, allowing them to reassess this coming November for a wedding in 2021. 

“Because of our relationship with our hoteliers and our buying power in the industry, we are able to push for more flexibility with our wedding room blocks for future social group bookings,” says, Michelle Donson, CEO and Founder of Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks.   For wedding blocks that are being rescheduled until 2021 and now 2022,Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks has succeeded in getting most hotels to honor 2020 rates and allow couples to make changes with limited hassle and no additional costs to the couple.

Couples and individuals are not going to get this service when booking directly.  First, with so many hoteliers furloughed, laid off and so many hotels still closed, getting in touch with a hotel salesperson is 50% of the battle.  We at Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks, are on the pulse of the wedding block industry, we know what hotels open, what salespersons are working and how to get in touch with each property at any time.  An individual calling the hotel directly will not be able to get this information as quickly, it can be a challenging process to put it mildly.  “ We are engaging in near constant communication with our hotels on a daily basis, ensuring safety protocols are being met , we are making sure the hoteliers let us know how they are handling things and challenges as they arise.  It’s the type of personal service you would expect with a brand like Kleinfeld and we are living up to the iconic name”, says Allyson, “we are reborn for the times.”

For more information  see www.kleinfeldhotelblocks.com