1. Blind Taste Testing: Dessert Edition

    Desserts are perfect to share and steal small bites of so it’s perfect for a blind tasting. You can pick up some individual desserts from the grocery store or look through your pantry or refrigerator for something sweet. They key is to keep it a surprise. Decide on how many items you’ll both pick and then each of you select the desserts (or make them) separately. You can hide them in a box or basket until it’s time for the reveal and don’t forget the blindfold – no cheating!

  2. Take a virtual cooking class.

There are so many options of courses to take online, whether crafting, cooking, even wine tasting. Sometimes they’re free on Instagram and other times you have to purchase tickets in advance such as with the Museum of Ice Cream’s new boozy dessert class. Whether you’re doing a Zoom date or you’re living together, this is one idea all the couples can get in on.

  1. Re-create a formal dining experience at home.

Whether you’re ordering in, cooking or reheating, take out your best china and stemware. Set the table as if the queen was joining you and dress accordingly.

  1. Flower or berry picking.

 Summer and Fall are perfect for visiting a nearby farm. Whether it’s sunflower picking, berry picking or even pumpkin picking, this is one idea you can recycle over and over again, because it never gets old.

  1. Sunset dining.

Whether you’re in your yard, indoors or dining al fresco at a nearby restaurant. Planning a sunset dinner is always a win, especially if you’re able to add a few candles and flowers to the setting.

Whether you’re staying home or going out, date night is always special.