Thanksgiving comes around and we’re either dreading or looking forward to the Black Friday deals but one thing’s for sure, a wedding budget is hard to stick to so why not keep an eye out for some Black Friday specials that might help. Here’s what to look for:

  1. Find the Looks!
    Your wedding dress may not be on sale but how about a look for your Bridal Shower, Bachelorette party, Engagement party, brunch, etc. Keep an eye on your favorite shops for discounts.
  2. Wedding invitations & Save-the-Dates.
    If you’re ordering these online, a lot of websites have site wide discounts for you to take advantage of.
  3. DIY Wedding Décor and Favors.
    Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore, Etsy, etc. all have online deals and in-store specials to take advantage of.
  4. Wedding Party Gifts.
    Whether you’re hoping to get something personalized, buy jewelry or maybe designer sunglasses. Black Friday through Cyber Monday is definitively a time to look for a deal.
  5. Fitness Apps.
    Shedding for the Wedding? Apps run discounted memberships as well and you might be able to find a fitness app you like or better yet, in person gym membership or discounted cycle classes.
  6. Luggage Sets.
    Jetting off on a nice honeymoon or getaway bachelorette? If you don’t already have a luggage set or if you’re looking to upgrade this is a good time of year to do that.
  7. Honeymoon Deals.
    Do you know where you’re headed after the wedding? Some airlines run discounted flight specials, or you might be able to grab a whole honeymoon travel package for less.
  8. Spa Specials.
    If you want to start a skincare regiment before the wedding or do a few brightening treatments, Black Friday weekend is the time to buy discounted packages.

Here’s a great list of wedding favors, gifts & paper goods to get you started:
Black Friday 2019 Wedding Deals.

For dresses and jewelry, THIS list is great.

Happy Hunting!