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Estee from Kleinfeld has been a dream to work with! Our wedding is in 2025 but it feels great to be able to say we have sorted out a hotel block already especially with lots of family and friends coming from abroad. Estee took note of what we were looking for and came back with an incredibly comprehensive spreadsheet of different options with things we wouldn't have even thought about until it was too late or if at all. She was always quick to reply to any questions and took the pain out of having to do all the research ourselves. I still can't believe this is a free service but would 100% recommend it to anyone thinking about hotel blocks in the serviced areas, it's clear that Kleinfeld have a good relationship with a lot of hotels and their service is top notch!

Callum 2025
Shay J.

Sara and the Kleinfeld company were SO easy. I had tried a few other hotel blocks who did not get back to me, or were not consistent, but Sara really blew it all out of the water. They put in SO much work with the Google spreadsheets with so many details and the hotel communication; saved me HOURS of my time! I can't believe this service is free, really. Recommending this to everybody!!

Shay J. 9.13.25
Nicole Q.

I cannot recommend Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks enough! I had the pleasure of working with Allyson to help secure rooms for a wedding in NYC in December. Not an easy task! She was tremendously helpful throughout the process, was very communicative, created the most beautiful spreadsheet with options, organized site visits and ultimately helped me narrow down to two options for my guests . She was always responsive, kind, and on top of it. This has been the best part of wedding planning so far!!

Nicole Q. December 2024
Tiffany P.

Kleinfeld hotel blocks made booking a hotel for our wedding SO easy. Wedding planning can be stressful, but thanks to Marcie at Kleinfeld this was one less thing off of our plate. Thank you so so much. I highly recommend this service!

Tiffany P.
Jenna J.

Our venue recommended us to book our hotel block through Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks. Marcie helped my fiancé and I through the whole process. She was quick to respond and gave us the best options for our guest! Highly recommend for anything to use this service. This has been the easiest part of wedding planning!

Jenna J.
Lizabeth K.

Super helpful service! Estee answered all my questions and was so quick to get info from hotels. One less thing to worry about while wedding planning :)

Lizabeth K.
Bridget H.

NIKKI F. IS THE BEST! I had an awesome experience working with Nikki from Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks! I provided guidelines on what I was looking for in a block (i.e. cost, proximity to venue, etc.) and Nikki responded within 24 hours with a detailed excel sheet with a variety of hotel options. She made this process so easy and had fantastic insight on things to consider. I can not recommend her/this enough if you are looking to make a room block. She was the best advocate for me and helped to lock in a key part of my DC wedding weekend. Thank YOU Nikki and thank you Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks!

Bridget H.
Blake C.

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and hotel room blocks are a part of it. I was referred to Kleinfled Hotel Blocks by my venue since we are having a destination wedding. Nikki F. worked with me from start to finish! She advocated for me and my Fiance when there were snags in communication with the hotel we chose for our room block. I cannot express how grateful I am for Nikki and the services she offers. We are excited for our wedding coming up in a few weeks. Thank you!

Blake C.
Claire D.

Kristen was absolutely wonderful! I thought this service was too good to be true at first; Kristen provided me with a massive spreadsheet of hotels with a ton of extra info I hadn't thought about, from shuttle incentives to bridal party perks. My fiancé and I selected two hotels and Kristen navigated the contract process (including reaching back out TWICE when a hotel posted a higher rate than agreed upon); all I had to do was sign. She was a godsend and I still cannot believe this service is free to clients. One note: there was a few weeks' delay in between my first time submitting an email and my consultant getting assigned. That wasn't a problem, though, since I first reached out 12 months in advance. Just know that they will get to you and the service is 1000% worth it!!!

Claire D.

Alexa was absolutely wonderful to work with and made the process of securing a hotel block so easy! She was extremely responsive and explained things so well. I'm so grateful that this service through Kleinfeld exists, thank you so much!

Melody V.

I didn’t know where to start with getting a hotel block. After some research I found out about Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks! We got Sara Hess as our sales consultant and man was she soooo helpful. She literally did everything for us. She was there for any questions we had and was quick with responding. Really took that stress off our shoulders. 10/10! Again, Thank you so much Sara!

Melody V. 9.14.24
Zach and Houyame

Our experience with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks for our wedding accommodations was nothing short of exceptional. Sara, our sales consultant, deserves special recognition for her outstanding service. She was attentive, communicative, and went above and beyond to ensure every detail was perfect. They provided seamless coordination and customization, tailoring the hotel block to our exact needs. Sara's expertise made the process stress-free, and their service offered incredible value. From start to finish, they exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend them to anyone in need of hotel accommodations for their special event.

Zach and Houyame 8.9.24
Kayla M.

I had the pleasure of working with Sara, who made the daunting task of booking hotel blocks for my wedding an absolute breeze. Sara researched and seamlessly coordinated with the hotels to ensure a stress-free process. Her kindness and professionalism made it feel like planning with a friend. The best part? The entire service is free! I wholeheartedly recommend Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks to anyone in need of wedding accommodations

Kayla M. 1.11.24
Stephanie K.

Allyson W. was a complete professional when helping us book our wedding block. She considered all accommodation requests, gave us a comprehensive, tailored list of hotels sorted by proximity to venue and helped us secure spectacular rates for a peak-season NYC wedding. Great experience with Kleinfeld & Allyson

Stephanie K. 9.14.24
Jordan Etin

I worked with Allyson of Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks on a somewhat unique request to find both a hotel block for my wedding guests and also a large suite where my fiancee and I could host a small group of friends in NYC. She was incredibly helpful in understanding this unique request, surfacing great options, and even following-up with us to make sure we didn't miss out on a great booking. Her expertise and guidance alleviated so much stress. I would absolutely recommend her to any friends getting married.

Jordan Etin
Jordan & Teddy

I worked with Allyson Wegeler, she was absolutely fantastic. Very responsive, professional, and attentive. Would absolutely recommend!

Jordan & Teddy

We used Kleinfield to book our wedding room block - Allyson was incredibly helpful and put together a great spreadsheet to compare rates. I would definitely use them again - the ability to see all the detail in one place, without having to aggregate the information myself, was super helpful. I would also suggest reaching out to the venue separately to see if they will budge at all on the price - I was able to get a slightly lower rate, and then still work through Kleinfelds to finalize all the details.

Sarah Rogers

I've had a phenomenal experience with the help of the Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks team. Allyson is an absolute rockstar. From the beginning, she's been impeccably organized and attentive, has always been quick to respond and quick to problem-solve. She's ensured the hotel block contracts we've moved forward with have been adjusted to meet my needs in full. I cannot recommend her and this team/service enough!

Sarah Rogers
Ellen Ha

I worked with Allyson Wegeler and had such a great experience. I had to block hotel rooms one month away from my wedding and she helped me with my search efficiently and answered all my questions promptly. I would recommend to any couples that are in need of assistance to book hotels for out-of-town guests. 10/10

Ellen Ha
Delia L.

Marcie was wonderful and helped me book my hotel when the hotel it's self was very unresponsive. Marcie assured me she had it handled and she did, she got responses when I couldn't and I'm so happy I used this service!

Delia L.
Gabrielle Brittman

Just booked my wedding hotel block with Alexa!! I can’t say enough amazing things about her. She made the process so easy and explained everything. To top it off she is the nicest person who listens to all your wants and needs. Highly recommend Kleinfeld hotel blocks especially Alexa!!

Gabrielle Brittman
Glenn Geis

Alexa was absolutely amazing. Planning this wedding is intense and Alexa literally lifted a weight off of our shoulders. Accommodating, friendly and genuinely happy to help. This service is a must - do for anyone getting married.

Glenn Geis
Erin Lahti

Absolutely LOVED working with Alexa Guadagno! I am getting married in 2023 in Chicago during the Chicago Marathon weekend. All hotels are outrageously priced and the majority of our guests are out of towners. To say I was freaking out is an absolute understatement. Alexa found us an incredible deal and made the entire experience so stress free. Thank you Alexa!!!

Erin Lahti
Paige Strycharz

Great communicate and ease for myself and my fiancé! They were so proactive and broke everything down for us easily. Really appreciate their help and the stress it took off our shoulders. Thank you!

Paige Strycharz
Tonia W.

It was an amazing to work with Alexa Guadagno at Kleinfield Hotel Blocks! I originally started the hotel block booking process on my own, and it was difficult--I had trouble even getting a hold of hotel block coordinators over the phone. After a quick google search, I saw this service had great reviews so I submitted a short form on their website. I was quickly contacted by Alexa and she made the process SO MUCH EASIER. She first asked me what was important for our hotel block and within a week sent me an organized and detailed spreadsheet with those factors in mind. In the end, Alexa helped us book two different hotel blocks for our wedding. I appreciate how organized and responsive she was throughout this process. Thank you so much Alexa!

Tonia W.
Mara Gordon

Ten out of ten recommend using Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks. Candice was incredible and walked me through the process. They sent me a spreadsheet which made it so easy to choose the hotels that would be best for our guests. Thank you Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks for making it easy! :)

Mara Gordon
Jayde Elysse

I had never heard of this service before until after I bought my wedding dress at Kleinfeld's. My Fiancé and I worked with Candice Rush during our time scheduling and getting Hotel Blocks for our upcoming wedding in September. Candice is amazing and a lifesaver! She was extremely knowledgeable when we asked her questions, she was diligent and timely in following up with all the hotels and with us communication-wise. Her spreadsheet really saved us time narrowing down which ones we wanted to use. She has been such a great help and totally relieved any lingering stress I had regarding blocking hotels in our wedding planning! Highly recommend this service to anyone needing a mental break from wedding planning.

Jayde Elysse
 Lauren Styczynski

I worked with Candice to get the hotel blocks taken care of with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks and both Candice and the process was AMAZING!! She reached out to all the hotels in the Cleveland area and followed up with me quickly on which ones would participate in the block, and created a beautiful spreadsheet. She had a recommendation, which we went with, and I also selected a second hotel to block. Candice was such a help the whole time. 10/10 recommend.

Lauren Styczynski
Cherieanne Shu

Candice Rush was amazing! As a soon to be bride, it's a lot of work to plan a wedding. Setting room blocks was one of those to-dos that seemed daunting to me, and to be honest I had no idea where to start! As soon as I sent out an inquiry form, I was contacted by Candice immediately with a long list of hotels within a close distance to my wedding venue. The process took a while since I wanted to go to each hotel physically to check them in person, and Candice was very patient through it all. I can't recommend Kleinfeld enough! Thank you, Candice, and thank you to the team for providing such an awesome service.

Cherieanne Shu
Huda Aumir

This service is absolutely incredible, and I certainly could not believe it when they agreed to help us find a hotel contigent for our guests in GERMANY! It was such a wonderful experience for us, and for every hotel option they provided us, they had also asked the hotel questions that we wouldn't even have known to ask about. It's such an extraodinary help in wedding planning, to have such a big task sorted out, incredibly fast and incredibly professionally. A big shoutout to Candice and the team for their support in helping us pick out our hotel!

Huda Aumir
Kayla Holland

They made it so easy to find a hotel block! Super knowledgeable.

Kayla Holland
Gabrielle Reid

Kristen B. was absolutely amazing!! She lifted the weight of searching for hotel blocks off my shoulders! Kristen was so responsive and made everything so easy! I am so grateful for the services Kleinfield provides. I would highly recommend !!

Gabrielle Reid
Annika Lindgren

I was skeptical of using a free service as nothing in the wedding industry is actually free. However, this truly is! I worked with Kristen B. and she was incredible. She listened, offered multiple hotel options, and sent a ridiculously detailed spreadsheet with all of the hotel details that truly would've taken me weeks to put together haha. The hotel contracts took minutes to sign and Kristen was incredibly efficient throughout the whole process. She responded to every one of my emails within a few hours of me sending; a true rarity in the wedding industry! I cannot thank Kristen and Kleinfelds enough; they made a stressful part of wedding planning fun, quick, and so simple!

Annika Lindgren
Luke Holloway

Sara was amazing to work with! She saved us from conflicts due to other events taking place in the city at the same time. Rooms were expensive but she was able to get us decent rates below publicly advertised rates. Sara was always prompt and clear in her communication and was super pleasant to work with. If only they could make the rest of wedding planning this easy! Do not hesitate to reach out to them for your hotel block needs. You won't regret it

Luke Holloway
Emily Coldiron

Sara was amazing and SO thorough. I had never booked a courtesy block before and I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to find one in our desired area. Sara presented a lot of different options and we signed right away.

Emily Coldiron
Lena Flores

My experience with Kleinfeld's hotel block was AMAZING! In planning a wedding I have never felt like a true weight was lifted off my shoulders until Sara H came into my life. Honestly, I thought she was too good to be true. She reached out to all the potential hotels near our reception, discussed options, made a beautiful spreadsheet and what I envisioned taking hours to complete, took two minutes to sign! Seriously, Sara was the absolute best. She was sweet, kind, efficient, and ON IT!! Thank you Sara, so much for your amazing help and work!

Lena Flores
Tiffany Chong

Sara was amazing to work with! She was quick to respond, very friendly, and accommodating. I tried getting hotel blocks prior to contacting Kleinfeld, but it did not work out the way I had hoped. 10/10 recommend using Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks!

Tiffany Chong
Bridget Alberts

When booking my dress appointment with Kleinfelds, I did not realize this was a free service that they offer. I am SO glad I accepted their help, because this was such a huge stress off of my fiancé and I! We worked with Sara, and she was absolutely fantastic every step of the way. She sent a spreadsheet of hotels in our area with so much detail - room rates, parking rates, breakfast rates (if not included in stay), if the hotel would handout welcome bags at no charge, how many rooms they would hold for us - and more! It made the decision process so easy, because all of the information we needed was right in front of us on one page. Highly highly recommend using this service offered by Kleinfeld!

Bridget Alberts
Angela L.

One of the best decisions I made as a bride was working with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks. I started working with Allyson a little over a year ago for my wedding in May. I loved and appreciated how detailed the information was for each hotel option. The fact that I didn't have to contact any of the hotels myself to inquire was a HUGE plus, all I had to do was sign. A week ago, 2 months before my wedding, the hotel we originally booked with had to cancel our reservation and thank God for Allyson! She reached out to us, offering help - and options - right away. If it actually wasn't for Allyson, we might not have known our block was cancelled until this week since we didn't hear from the hotel. Allyson helped us reach out to several hotels, scheduling visits, making sure they had what we needed, and within a week we were able to sign a new contract. I couldn't be more thankful for Allyson and Kleinfeld. If you're on the fence about having Kleinfeld help you with your block, do yourself a favor and reach out to them now!

Angela L. May 29th 2022
Jasmine Hurtado

Seriously, do not hesitate to contact them! Katherine Arcos helped me throughout the whole process. And she was great and so helpful. After telling her what we wanted she compiled an Excel sheet with all of our different hotel options. She made sure we were happy with our choice and put us in touch with a real person at the hotel. She was even able to negotiate a great room and little perks for us. I wouldn't have been able to do that myself. The best part- the service was 100% free. Big thanks to Katherine for helping us find an awesome hotel for us and our guests!

Jasmine Hurtado 04.04.22
Lanora Garza

Cannot say nicer things about the Kleinfeld team. Stephanie was a dream to work with and made the entire process from start to finish absolutely seamless. The peace of mind that was created for my fiance and I is truly priceless and we couldn't be more grateful. Search nowhere else...Kleinfeld is your team! -

Lanora Garza
Nicole H.

I worked with Alexa at Kleinfeld to secure a block of rooms for my wedding and had the best experience! I couldn't believe what good value we got. On our side we didn't have to pay any money and she gave me quite extensive spreadsheets outlining the different hotel options for us and our guests until we found the perfect one. Thank you!

Nicole H. 8.28.22
Chelsea G.

Finding Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks was one of the best things that could have happened at the start of our wedding planning journey. Allyson was a true partner in finding the right hotels based on our specifications, being a liaison between us and the hotel representatives, and finally, helping us cross the finish line and contract our ideal wedding hotel room block. I know that if we ever needed help or had any additional questions, I can always turn to Allyson.

Chelsea G. 10.7.22
Sydney R.

I just have to thank Marcie from Kleinfeld for her responsiveness and professionalism. This service is extremely helpful and couldn't have come at a better time! I feel a huge weight off my shoulders that this is taken care of but also how we have the perfect hotel for our needs and everything we could have wanted. Thanks again Kleinfeld and Marcie!

Sydney R. 4.1.22
Kristyn V.

We worked with Emily and she made the process of finding a hotel block a DREAM!! From start to finish she was thorough, friendly, and responsive. Emily began by having me share what was important to us - like pricing and location. When finding hotels, Emily provided a breakdown of roughly 20 hotels near our venue/after party (some we would not have discovered on our own, including the one we selected). The breakdown included pricing, parking fees (if any), amenities, # of rooms, everything! She then made the outreach to the hotel we selected (which took some time on my end, but Emily was beyond patient). If anyone is second guessing using Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks — PLEASE do it. It will keep you sane :)

Kristyn V. 6.26.21
Alyssa B.

Cannot stress enough how outstanding Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks has been throughout our wedding planning process. Allyson is a rockstar who listens to all of your concerns, provides exceptional support and drives the entire process from beginning to end. It truly was a pleasure working with Allyson and I would recommend their services to anyone trying to navigate booking a wedding block - you will not be sorry!

Alyssa B. 4.22.22
Julie C.

I worked with Allyson Wegeler on securing a hotel block for my upcoming June 2021 wedding and she was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She compiled a spreadsheet of all the hotels around my venue with details that I needed to consider for each. We ultimately chose one hotel and she quickly got us a contract to lock in our block. I definitely recommend this service!

Julie C. 6.5.21
Samantha M.

Marcie was great! She was able to find us a room block for our destination wedding quickly and with no money down. I had tried other sites who wanted anywhere up to $35k deposit to book. Brides, go to Kleinfelds!!!

Samantha M. 9.4.21
Lucy G.

I am truly so thankful for you guys. This was such a big help, as I knew almost nothing about hotel blocks :) So thank you so much, Katie, for your kindness and responsiveness.

Lucy G. 1/23/21
Trinity S.

Before I found out about Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks, I was getting a headache about blocking hotel rooms after hearing what a big pain it would be. I went immediately to their site when I heard how awesome they did. Allyson was amazing to work with ! We were able to get a hotel block with the amount of rooms we need under our price point with the amenities we wanted for our guests. I will always recommend Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks and Allyson especially! They have made hotel booking the easiest part of planning a wedding!

Trinity S. 7.10.21
Ronnie Rothstein

Ronnie Rothstein
Brittany P.

My experience with Emily at Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks was awesome, reliable, and easy!! This was one task I didn’t have to worry about in my wedding planning! Looking forward to honeymoon planning as well!

Brittany P. January 16th 2021
Dana C.

I would recommend Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks over and over again! We worked with Marcie and she was absolutely wonderful! We aren't getting married until 12.3.21, but with covid happening, we wanted to make sure our guests had a place to stay! She was extremely patient with us and gave us so much information on different hotels to choose from. The excel sheet that was provided was very easy to understand and it had all the answers to our questions without even having to ask them.

Dana C. 12.3.21
Chelsea N.

This service was amazing! Emily at Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks was extremely helpful, organized, and kind in helping us book at hotel block - something I was dreading doing and something I so appreciated her taking off my plate. She answered all our questions and when the hotel sent an incorrect contract, she was on top of it to get it fixed before sending to us. We are so grateful to Emily & Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks!

Chelsea N. 7.10.21
Karina S.

Using Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks was probably one of the best decisions throughout our wedding planning process. Allyson made the entire process stress-free and provided us with valuable and helpful information that really went a long way in choosing the right hotel for the our wedding guests. I would highly recommend using this service, you won’t regret it!

Karina S. April 24th 2020
Kathleen P.

We had a great experience with Allyson! She was very helpful and provided us with all the details we needed to book our overnight stay for our wedding day. We highly recommend!

Kathleen P. 1.2.21
Taylor P.

I worked with Katie from Kleinfeld's Hotel Block team and she was AMAZING! I did not realize how much thought went into figuring out blocking rooms for your wedding and Katie was able to gather all the information I needed to make my decision in a quick and easy way! She was also super helpful and responsive when negotiating my contracts. I would HIGHLY recommend using Kleinfeld's Hotel Blocking services. Brides - I promise it will save you a headache as you don't realize how much goes into it! Thank you Katie for the incredible service!

Taylor P. 12.31.20

Emily from Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks was amazing. She was kind and super helpful, always followed up. No stress and was amazing to work with. I highly recommended using Kleinfeld hotel blocks!

Sara G.

I honestly can't say enough about Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks, specifically Allyson W. Understandably, wedding planning is a stressful process, and Allyson was such a pleasure to work with. She really went above and beyond finding me a hotel block with specific criteria I was looking for. And when my preferred hotel had limited availability, Allyson went above and beyond once more to navigate and secure me another block that also met my exact criteria. She was so easy to communicate with, and always returned my calls and emails in such a timely manner. Allyson, thank you- from the bottom of my heart- for finding me the hotel blocks, for answering all of my questions so efficiently, for making this experience painless, and for being such a pleasant person to work with. My husband and I appreciate you beyond measure!

Sara G. October 6th ,2019

The Kleinfeld Hotel Block experience was just amazing! I especially want to highly recommend Emily Brungo, who was there every step of the way. My fiancé and I were able to secure a hotel block without having to contact a single hotel around our venue. We even received detailed information on each hotel to be able to make the best decision for us! Responses from Emily were quick, concise and helpful, as always. I would recommend this service to any future bride and groom! Thank you for making my life so much more easier!

Monique 11.5.19
Jennifer D.

We were referred to Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks by my sister in law after working with another company that we weren’t happy with and Kleinfeld did not disappoint! From the very first email, Emily was extremely responsive and helpful. She personalized our hotel block search even better than I could have done myself! She listened to what I was looking for and even thought of things to ask the hotels that I hadn’t thought of. The spreadsheet she put together for us was nothing short of amazing. Once we narrowed our choices down, she negotiated pricing and was able to get us exactly what we wanted for our guests. I can’t thank Emily enough for everything; she made the process simple and easy!

Jennifer D. 8/8/20
Laura B.

Emily was extremely helpful and thorough in helping us select a hotel block for our wedding. She was very professional and timely, the whole process took less than 2 weeks from beginning to end. It was a completely free service and the excel sheet she sent had all the information so I could easily compare hotels in the area. I would highly recommend this service to anyone planning a wedding. Thank you Emily!

Laura B. 6.27.20
Bryelle D.

We worked with Emily B. and she made every step of this process SUPER simple! It really took the stress off of us to find (awesome) hotel rooms for our guests! Her guidance and knowledge of the process really helped us through every step and now we have great options for our out of town guests!! We also loved getting all the extra info about bonus perks which I wouldn't even have thought to ask for. Couldn't ask for anything else!

Bryelle D. 3.29.20
Sophia C.

I met Sara Hess at a vendor show and I thought Kleinfeld only sold dresses. I'm so glad I gave Sara Hess my e-mail contact. Sara is a very kind and professional person to work with. I was not familiar with this service, but she explained everything to me and did all the research. Thank you Sara for taking a few days off my hands. Sara sent me a spreadsheet with hotels and rates. The spreadsheet was very easy to read and very informative. I cannot thank Sara enough for her assistance in booking our hotel block.

Sophia C. 8.31.19
Nadine A.

I would HIGHLY recommend using Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks! Katie Fodera was a life saver, and she was nothing short of amazing! First of all, Katie was attentive, kept us in the loop at all times, and the excel sheet she sent with ALL of the detailed information of the hotels in the area that I was interested in, was an organized dream! Katie helped guide us throughout the process and filled us in the whole time. She was very thorough and she made this process very easy for us! Katie really spent a lot of time and effort on our booking and it truly showed. With all of the other stresses of wedding planning, do yourself a favor and let Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks help you with your hotel accommodations. You will not regret it!!!

Nadine A. 4.4.20
Hebron K.

I had the opportunity to work with Sara Hess as I planned hotel blocks for an out of state wedding and she was nothing short of amazing. She was so easy to work with and gave us many options in the city we wanted to book blocks in. The whole process with Sara was one of the easiest parts of planning our wedding. I would highly recommend this service, as it is NO CHARGE and it truly saves you so much time with lots of options to choose from. We are very satisfied with our hotel choices, prices, and experience, thank you Sara! We look forward to our wedding accommodations!"

Hebron K. 12/30/19
Shelby S.

Stephanie was amazing to work with! I told her what hotels I was thinking about, what we wanted for amenities, and questions I wanted to ask the hotels (like about transportation). She took all my questions, reached out to them, and came back with a spreadsheet detailing all the information and prices within the week!! Quick response, great email etiquette, and timely correspondence. I am so happy with the results! Best part -it's a free service! You'd be silly to not go through them.

Shelby S. 5/16/20
Meiki W.

I just want to take a moment to thank Sara Hess, for making this hotel blocking process super easy for me. I was stressed out about this part of wedding planning but with Sara's help, it was seamless. I came across this service at one of the bridal salon events. At first I thought this is too good to be true, free service?! Well its true. Sara is very helpful, walked me through the whole process, did all the research, and pull together all the information I need to make my decision easily. Now I can check that off my list, thank you!

Meiki W. 5.23.20
Sonia N.

Amazing service that will save you time and money on picking the perfect hotel for your wedding guests. Wow! A huge thank you to Stephanie G who made the process of finding a room block for my upcoming wedding completely effortless. I initially went to several hotels that weren't right and couldn't accommodate my needs. Enter Stephanie. I didn't realize I would be getting a true concierge service when I found out about Kleinfeld through my wedding planning support group (yes, I need a support group, planning a wedding is no joke!). My preferences (including location, price, amenities, etc) were taken into account when sending a list of options, AND she highlighted her selected top choice for me! Once I visited the hotel, met with their event manager, and approved the hotel with my fiancé, Stephanie once again helped to proofread and edit the contract (a few times since I made some changes/additions), get me a lower rate (!!!) on the bridal suite (which I was unable to negotiate on my own, was told no), and even saved me a trip back to the hotel by creating an electronic version of the contract that I could sign from the comfort of my own home. Not only is this service completely FREE (they take a percentage fee from the hotel rate paid by guests), but it saved me TONS of time and money! Thank you SO MUCH Stephanie! I am so beyond pleased with the personalized care and kindness that you took to make this part of the planning so easy and fun! HIGHLY RECOMMEND for anyone planning a wedding!

Sonia N. 6/17/19
Taylor T.

What's not to love? This service is SO helpful. They literally do all the work of researching hotels in your area, send you a spreadsheet full of options, and then coordinate the contracts for you. FOR FREE. An absolute dream. Thank you so much for making this part of wedding planning SO easy!

Taylor T. 9/21/19
Brittany M.

SO HELPFUL!!! I emailed Emily for help with room blocks for my August wedding. She was very helpful in the booking process. She helped us with two different room blocks to give our guests more options. Her response time was very quick and her answers were always helpful. I can't recommend Kleinfeld enough! It was so nice to have one less thing to stress about during the wedding process.

Brittany M. 8.11.19
Samantha P.

I couldn't have done it without Allyson and this service!!! I was so overwhelmed by the daunting process of finding hotels, rates and the best space for my guest. Allyson was able to organize the hotels by neighborhoods, rates, pros & cons. She then would help assist in setting up appointments for me to see the hotels & rooms. I honestly can't say enough good things about this service and Allyson... she is THE BEST!!!

Samantha P. 10.12.19
Raven D.

Emily Brungo was extremely helpful! She provided clear information that made it easy to book our hotel blocks.

Raven D. September 14th 2019
Corrine Yep

Emily was super helpful! She got back to us very quickly after we submitted a block request on the website and later sent us a large spreadsheet to compare the rates and amenities for all the hotels in the area. It was a lot more efficient than contacting all the hotels ourselves, or looking up the information on the website (and some websites were even misleading, so it was good to have all the up-to-date information). As soon as we selected a hotel, Emily got us the contract and was always available to answer any questions, even during the winter holidays. I can't believe this service is free, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone getting married!

Corrine Yep 5.26.19
Nathan S.

Sara with Kleinfeld was incredibly helpful. Planning a wedding is stressful almost every step of the way but with Sara's help the hotel blocking process was a breeze. Sara quickly sent us a spreadsheet comparing all of the hotels in the area and every amenity you could think of. Sara did not try to sell us on anything, the service was completely free. I would absolutely recommend to anyone.

Nathan S. 7.27.19
Danica S.

Stephanie Gagliano has been fundamental in making our wedding planning something we can actually enjoy over something that stresses us out! Stephanie went above and beyond to provide us with the resources to make an informed decision in providing our guests with stellar and convenient accommodations! Thank you Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks, we are looking forward to welcoming our guests to enjoy our special day!

Danica S. 10.11.19
Sarah F.

Thorough, responsive, and delightful - I couldn't have enjoyed booking room blocks with anyone more than Allyson at Kleinfeld Room Blocks. I first learned this service was an option when I went to try on dresses at the NYC flagship store. Allyson promptly followed up, kept me honest when I fell off the radar for a bit, and made sure I had everything I needed to make an informed decision. The room block process seemed daunting, and I was really worried I'd be on the hook for something financially. The fact that Allyson's services were free AND she made sure I only booked rooms under the financial cap at each hotel was great (which is apparently how it usually goes, but I had no idea since I'd never done a room block for anything before). All the commitment from a vendor, with no commitment on my end. Thanks Kleinfeld and Allyson for helping this nervous bride!

Sarah F. 8.3.19
Barbara S.

Planning a wedding can be quite stressful, so when I found out that Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks could take care of the room reservation needs (at multiple hotels) for my daughter's wedding, I was ecstatic -- one giant "to do" taken off my list! We worked with Allyson Wegeler...Allyson first spent time talking through he process with me. She was responsive, and answered all my questions (or found the answers for me!); she is professional, has a great attitude, and is very organized, including following up with hotel management to resolve issues, and sending me spreadsheets for hotels that had all the info I requested. The hotel rates through Kleinfeld will be a big savings for our guests. I would work with her and Kleinfeld again in a heartbeat!

Barbara S. 10.19.19
Mikayla B.

This place was awesome. I was trying to do things myself and went back and forth between hotels and trying to contact them. I finally found Kleinfeld and it was perfect! Emily Brungo helped me find the best hotels with the best deals and I had minimal work to do in confirming them. Seriously a great choice to use them! I would do it again and again!"

Mikayla B. 4.20.19
Allyson A.

Stephanie at Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks was amazing! She worked so hard to ensure that 4 hotels were blocked off for our guests. She got the spreadsheet and prices within a few days after our phone call and then, after we discussed more in depth about the different hotels, was able to get contracts within another few days! Stephanie was only a call and/or email away! She made this so painless and stress-free. Thank you, Stephanie and Kleinfeld, for your tremendous help in making our dream wedding come true!

Allyson A. 2.17.19
Jessica C.

My fiancé and I had the best experience working with Sara Hess! She provided us with a truly comprehensive hotel analysis and made it really easy for us to determine the best one for our upcoming wedding. Without Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks and, specifically, Sara, this process could have easily become overwhelming. Sara saw through managing the contract with our hotel through the countersigned agreement, and she was extremely responsive from start to finish. I highly recommend using this service and working with Sara to make your wedding planning a little bit easier!

Jessica C. June 29th 2019
Christie C.

Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks is one of - if not THE - best services I've used during my wedding planning process and it's FREE! I'm planning a wedding in New York City where half of our guests are flying in from the U.K. Since they're already paying a lot to fly to our wedding, I didn't want them to get stuck with expensive hotel prices on top of that. I first tried to just email hotels on my own to get rates and let's just say my first almost-panic attack of the planning process was when I began to get those responses which were all much higher than I was expecting. Mid-panic, I googled looking for help and this service popped up. I reached out and it was a complete game-changer. Sara Hess was absolutely incredible to work with. She listened to exactly what I was looking for and quickly got back to us with so many amazing options, with rates that were completely slashed in half! The Excel spreadsheet she sent us to review all of the options was so thorough, answering every question you can imagine having. I'm so pleased with what we wound up with and am so grateful she saved the day. I've been telling all of my engaged friends about this service and can't rave about it enough.

Christie C. 6.1.19
Tiffany K.

I can't even begin to say how amazing it was to work with Katie F. at Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks. We were told about this service through our wedding venue and decided to explore it once our planning really started to get going. Katie was incredible from the beginning and answered our inquiry quickly with a list of suggested hotels. A few days later I received a thorough spreadsheet of a side by side comparison of all the hotels we discussed. This sheet was absolutely fantastic. Details that we didn't even discuss like costs for handing gift bags, upgrades, shuttle service, etc were all already thoroughly looked into. We were able to make our selection and Katie finalized our contract within hours. She even took the extra step to arrange another contract to extend bar hours when we inquired about it. Needless to say, our experience with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks was phenomenal and I recommend this to all couples!!!

Tiffany K. Jan 5th 2019
Meg O.

Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks is, without a doubt, the best service out there! Allyson was an absolute pleasure to work with! I got married in New York City and wanted hotels close the church or reception venue. Since the church was in Midtown Manhattan, there were many different options to choose from - it was overwhelming! I sent Allyson all of the information she needed to start her hunt and she quickly put together a spreadsheet of 37 different hotels, all within walking distance of the church. The spreadsheet included photos of the hotel, address, website, total guest rooms, types of rooms available, total rooms part of the hotel block, rates, taxes, additional fees, on-site bar and restaurant information, shuttle information, breakfast information, concessions/wedding packages, parking rates, gift bag distribution information, and whether or not the hotel is under construction or being renovated. This information helped me narrow down the hotels very quickly, which was a tremendous help! I was able to tour four hotels within a week of emailing Allyson and eventually selected two for room blocks at different price points, which both my guests and I appreciated. If you're getting married and have no idea where to start with hotel blocks, I highly recommend this service. Not only is it (and Allyson!) incredible, but it's free (which is HUGE for couples spending $$$ on a wedding!).

Meg O. July 14th, 2018
Natali A.

I'm getting married next June (2019) and was at a complete loss on the whole Room Blocking Situation! I heard that Kleinfeld offers hotel room blocking assistance and I signed up and within a few hours Katie F. was sending me spread sheets with all the info I needed! I'm all blocked up now and such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I will definitely recommend every bride & groom to go through Kleinfelds!

Natali A. June 8th 2019
Raegan W.

I worked with Katie and she was wonderful! This is such a great service and I am very thankful to have the assistance. Living in the Alexandria, VA area near Springfield, VA, there are SO MANY hotels. I had no idea how I was going to call and get the best rates. In addition, Katie knew all the right questions to ask. She was also so patient with all my questions and desired searches. I'm planning my own wedding and this service was invaluable to me. Thank you!

Raegan W. 1.13.19
Brita Z.

This service is a game-changer! We actually set up a few blocks on our own before finding Kleinfeld, and it was a pain. Using Kleinfeld for our remaining rooms was super easy and stress-free. I worked with Stephanie, who was easy to communicate with and found us several hotel options very quickly. Highly recommend!

Brita Z. September 29th 2018
Vlada L.

Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks made it a complete breeze to secure hotel blocks for my wedding. I worked with Sara Hess, she was a complete pleasure to work with. She answered all of my questions in a timely manner, she listened to what my concerns were, and she delivered an amazing room rate. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to book hotels for their wedding.

Vlada L. 3/28/18
Michelle K.

Wow! I still can't believe this service was free. Kleinfeld hotel blocks sent me an amazing spreadsheet of all the hotels in the area, plus added information to compare prices, perks, distance, and (because I requested) shuttle service and bar party hours. Instead of having to call 10+ hotels for all this information, I was able to have it done for me for free! I picked a hotel for my wedding without having to make a single phone call! Special shout out to Katie for being patient with me and responding to all my questions so quickly! Will definitely be recommending Kleinfeld hotel blocks to all my bride-to-be friends.

Michelle K. August 11th 2018
Michelle B.

What a great service! After trying to coordinate with hotels on my own, I received an email from Kleinfeld's offering their hotel block service. Allyson, Director of Sales, was quick to put together a comprehensive spreadsheet of over 15 hotels. She had already asked all the questions I wanted to know and put them in an easy format to digest. She also shared her personal preferences which really helped me feel comfortable (and like I wasn't talking to a computer). I'd DEFINITELY recommend this to any couple. And the best part is that it's free!

Michelle B. 11.17.18
Sara F.

I can't believe I never knew this service existed! We were alerted to its existence by a venue manager and I'm so glad we found out about it. All my married friends said, without a doubt, that booking hotel blocks was one of the most stressful parts of their experience as a bride -- with Kleinfeld's help, there has been no stress at all! They sent us a comprehensive list of all the hotels nearby our venue, along with descriptions to help us decide. They also got us AMAZING rates that our out-of-towners couldn't believe - it's pretty hard to find affordable hotel rooms in NYC. Katie worked with us through the process and couldn't have been more helpful. Still in shock that this service is free--every bride needs to contact Kleinfelds Hotel Blocks!!!!

Sara F. January 19th 2019
Ellyn F.

I recently worked with Allyson to set up a room block for my upcoming wedding and she was amazing!! Allyson was extremely sweet, responsive and made the entire process so simple and stress-free, definitely the least stressful part of wedding planning so far! I'm very happy we used KHB and would definitely recommend it to any other bride!

Ellyn F. May 12th 2018
Jennifer L.

I worked with Sara Hess on booking hotel rooms for my upcoming wedding and she made the process seamless! She was very responsive and accommodating. I would highly recommend working through Kleinfeld Hotel blocks as they help to make hotel bookings stress free.

Jennifer L. 9.23.18
Paula A.

The Kleinfeld Hotel Block service was amazing. They made the process very easy, and was super communicative. This process was completely stress free for me. I worked with Katie, and I have to admit, I couldn't make my mind up of what hotel I wanted my guests to stay at, but she was more than friendly, communicative, understanding, and punctual. Katie spoke to the hotels, received the contracts, forwarded me everything to review and sign, and even dealt with all my questions about guaranteed room, rates, website for my guests to book, fees with the hotel etc. Everyone should use Kleinfield Hotel Block! Add plus, I didn't have to pay anything for their service.

Paula A. 9.1.18
Tom O.

My fiance and I received an email from Allyson Wegeler shortly after our deposit for our wedding venue had been received. Allyson was reaching out to introduce herself and the service that Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks provides. Prior to working with Allyson, the task of setting up hotel blocks for our wedding seemed like it was going to be a relatively detailed process that neither my fiance or I knew anything about. Allyson made the process extremely easy and allowed us to review in our own timeframe - she didn't push us to move faster than we were able/comfortable, at all! She did all the work and presented us with many options and we were able to review and choose what we felt fit our location the best. After we had selected the two hotels we wanted to set up room blocks for, Allyson negotiated some lower rates and introduced us to the hotel sales staff to see about setting up site visits to each hotel. She also facilitated the contract between us and our hotels. All in all, this service is a must for anyone that isn't in the HTM industry themselves. Kleinfeld handles everything - for free - and makes the process easier than you can imagine. If you're going to reach out to them, I recommend you contact Allyson, she does an awesome job.

Tom O. 6.29.18
Emily T.

The Kleinfeld Hotel Block service is great and the whole process was stress-free and smooth. And, it's free to use! I worked with Nora and she was lovely! Very responsive and professional. It was just really nice to have someone reach out to all the hotels (since I really didn't know what to do or how) and Nora created a proposal spreadsheet of all their rates/distance from venue/etc., making it really easy to compare each option. She also handled the contract with the hotel and all I had to do was review and sign! I highly recommend this service to those that want or need help with room blocking! It saved a lot of time and energy for me. Thanks Nora and Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks for your expertise!

Emily T. 8.26.2018
Alyssa K.

Very helpful service! Nora was always energetic and ready to help. She answered all of my questions quickly. Totally free service (including stress-free!) - no reason not to try it out! So happy we could delegate this task to someone so helpful during our wedding planning!

Alyssa K. August 4th 2018
Denise C.

First of all, Debbie, our consultant, was awesome! I had no idea how amazing this free opportunity would be. Debbie was patient, consistent, efficient and seemed so knowledgeable about the Hotel Block process that I literally left it all in her hands. While I was tending to an unexpected family emergency she was working her magic! Most of our communication was via email and text but it was so hard to tell. I felt like she was "there" for me. She sent over a very detailed email that included a list of quality hotels in a spread sheet that had all of the right information I needed to decide which hotel block would be most useful to us! The process of securing a contract was incredibly seamless. As a DIY bride who isn't hiring a wedding planner this was a perfect opportunity! Highly recommend this too good to be true offer!

Denise C. 9.8.18
Marissa O.

What a wonderful service! Our consultant Sara was excellent. She was extremely helpful and made the process so simple and seamless. I provided her with the area we were looking for room blocks and she came back with a thorough and well-organized excel sheet of several hotels with extensive details. My fiance who is a spreadsheet nerd was very impressed. :)  She handled contacting the hotels to get the contract setup and all I had to do was sign. I highly recommend Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks and our consultant Sara Hess!

Marissa O. 6.24.18
Molly M.

Wow! What a service. After spending hours on my own scouring for hotel room block options for our guests, I was so happy to work with Sara Hess who helped sort out everything for me! From finding the hotels to managing the communications, Sara provided an amazing service from beginning to end. Now, I have two great hotel options for my guests at competitive rates I know they'll appreciate. The best part: absolutely no strings attached! Great customer service, great results and just a wonderful experience overall. Thank you Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks!

Molly M. June 23rd 2018
Carissa K.

Nora Culley was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, quick to reply to any emails and inquiries I had, and so efficient. She made the process of hotel blocking so seamless and effortless on my part, being that she did all the work, as she proved to be an amazing liason between myself and the representative of the hotel I chose. The spreadsheet she compiled was thorough, comprehensive and made comparing hotels, rates, amenities, and services so simple. I would recommend this service (a free one at that!) to any bride who wants to make wedding planning a little easier. Nora, thank you for all your help!

Carissa K. 11.10.18
Kelsey W.

Allyson W. was absolutely AMAZING with my hotel block! She is seriously a girl after my own heart- she sent over the most organized Google spreadsheet full of columns of data about all the hotels, their rates and options. I wish I could hire her to plan the rest of my wedding too because she made life so easy for me! She always emails me back right away and gets any information I ask for. I honestly cannot believe that this is a free service and I almost feel like I am getting away with something! I would recommend Kleinfeld hotel blocks to anyone planning a wedding or other event! If you get Allyson know that you are in great hands! Thanks again!

Kelsey W. June 30th 2018
Frances B.

Seriously the easiest part of wedding planning. Nora was very responsive and gave great advice when it came to creating multiple wedding blocks. I can't recommend using them enough.

Frances B. November 18th 2017
Jennifer C.

I plan to get my wedding dress at Kleinfield soon and on their website saw the ad for the Hotel Blocks service. I am getting married at a venue close to the Jersey Shore and there are dozens and dozens of hotels in the area. Trying to contact hotels for information and compare all of them seemed so time consuming so I thought I would try the Kleinfeld service. Allyson was absolutely fantastic to work with. She made the process so easy for me, answered all my questions and responded so quickly I couldn't keep up. The spreadsheet she sent comparing all the hotels was so detailed and amazing to a control freak bride like me! I recommend this service to every bride and groom out there, my fiance and I were so grateful to have had such great help with this, we wish Allyson could help us book our Limos, day after brunch, rehearsal, flowers, etc! Although we only communicated via email because of my work schedule Allyson was so personable and genuine.

Jennifer C. June 1st, 2018
Rachel K.

Working with Allyson was unbelievable!! She made my life so easy. She put together a very thorough spreadsheet of the hotels I was interested in and executed getting the contracts seamlessly. She was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the whole process - she responded to my numerous emails usually within 1-2 hours! I would highly recommend using Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks, and particularly Allyson!! (I wish she were my wedding planner!!!). Thanks for everything.

Rachel K. February 18,2018
Lisa A.

When I started trying to book hotel blocks on my own for my wedding, I was having such a difficult time getting responses from hotel sales managers and comparing all the pros and cons of the hotels close by my venue. Organizing shuttle services was another factor that complicated the process. I mentioned this to a friend of a friend who referred me to Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks. After I reached out, Sara Hess responded to my inquiry immediately. At first, she wasn't sure how much she could do since I had already initiated the process, but she made clear that she was more than willing to help in any possible way. She started by sending me a list of hotels near my venue and within two days, she had received responses from all the hotels I was interested in and sent me a huge spreadsheet comparing everything you'd ever want to know about each of those hotels. I couldn't believe this was a FREE service! Sara then took care of getting a contract with my hotel of choice and I barely had to do anything other than sign my contract. I would HIGHLY recommend this fantastic service to anyone planning a wedding! If you're like me, you like to do things on your own and do your own research, but my advice would be to start with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks because they will get all the information you need (+more) and they make the whole process so impossibly easy.

Lisa A. 5/12/18
Kaylah M.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about working with Allyson with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks! Not only was she helpful, but extremely responsive, proactive, and pleasant to work with. Allyson made this process simple, easy, and convenient for me as the client. She was able to set me up with hotel blocks for my guests and also made herself available to me if I needed additional blocks arranged in the future! I am blown away by this service and would recommend it to anyone!

Kaylah M. November 4th, 2017
Lauren C.

Sara at Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks was an absolute dream to work with. She was prompt to reply to emails, contacted over 20 hotels on our behalf, and worked to coordinate everything I needed for our hotel block. I seriously wish all of my wedding planning was this easy. You can't go wrong with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks!!

Lauren C. 5/26/18
Charissa M.

GUYS THIS IS A FREE SERVICE AND SO WORTH IT!!! We worked with Sara Hess and she was super responsive, created a master list of at least 15 hotels to choose from (our wedding is in NYC so 100's of hotels to look at and was overwhelmed). She was able to get us a deal that was $20 cheaper per night than when I individually put in an inquiry at the hotel we ended up choosing. This is a no brainer. Use this amazing service, you wont regret it!

Charissa M.
Amanda K.

I worked with Kristen from Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks and she was great! I didn't think I would be impressed but she sent me all of the hotel information near our venue in a very organized spreadsheet and helped me throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend using them.

Amanda K. 9/21/2018
Samantha S.

Working with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks was a true blessing! From the first email I received from Nicole, to our constant contact back and forth with all the information i need, has been so easy and amazing! When Nicole contacted me and right away gave me a spreadsheet ( who doesn't love an organized spreadsheet while wedding planning) of every hotel option, i knew that this service was going to be outstanding, and my feelings were completely on point! Nicole helped me every step of the way, any question i had, and some advice with just how many rooms to book, for how many night etc. We had a little trouble with the hotel that i booked to get back to us with the information we needed but Nicole was right there, contacting who she needed to to make sure that the job was done! I can't thank her enough, this was the most carefree, easiest part of my wedding planning! I can't recommend them to enough people fast enough!!

Samantha S.
Amanda S.

Nicole Pesota was an excellent sales consultant. She was extremely patient, very responsive and extremely helpful answering all my questions throughout the process. This is a great service Kleinfeld's offers to brides. Makes it so easy to reserve room blocks for your wedding guests. I would recommend taking advantage of this free service if you have the chance!

Amanda S.
Meg A.

What an amazing service! We are planning our entire wedding in 6 months so I've been pretty overwhelmed with details. Having someone take care of arranging hotel blocks for my out of town guests was a huge help. Kristen was a gem to work with. She responded incredibly fast with a spreadsheet of my hotel options, details, and pricing (some chosen by me and some recommendations based on my dates and location) and seamlessly guided me through the process. She even got my bridal/wedding night suited reserved for me! She saved me so much time. I really can't think of a reason not to use this service! If only they offered a similar service for invitations, florists, music, etc... :-P

Meg A. 10.13.17
Jessica W.

I found Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks from a bridal event and just tried to email them without much expectation. Sara replied to me so quick and just asked me some general info. Then she selected around 20 hotels near my venue in different price ranges and gave me a detailed excel sheet listing out the prices, the locations, the room types and everything. I finally went with a hotel that she recommended because the price is amazing for a 4-star hotel in the NYC! During all of the communication, Sara was super nice, got back to me so fast and was professional. She answered all of my questions and requests. And it's FREE! Sometimes even when you pay, you won’t get such GREAT service! Highly Recommend them and thank you Sara!

Jessica W. 10.1.17
Loren M.

I was talking to another bride about how much I was not looking forward to setting up hotel blocks and she immediately responded that I needed to reach out to Kleinfeld hotel blocks. Oh my goodness, they are the best! Within a day, Candice had a spreadsheet of great options and was happy to make suggestions based on my venue, guest count, etc. I can't believe this service was free, I would've paid money for this given how efficient and helpful it was. Thank you!!!!

Loren M. Sep 30,2017
Lenia J.

Quick and easy way to get your hotel rooms for your guest, they provided me with a list of all the hotels that are available and they got me the best prices it took away the headache of me trying to search and i have less hair to have to pull out of my hair thank you Jackie for all of your help.

Lenia J. 9/8/17
Megan B.

Kristen made this the easiest process ever. Within a day I had 5 options to choose from and once I made a decision, I had the contract done and signed so quickly! They also connected with a representative at the hotel. This was the easiest process of wedding planning by far.

Megan B. October 21st, 2017
Tracie C.

OMG!!! So easy, and who knew this existed? Why do this yourself when you can have a professional recommend, negotiate and set up your hotel block for FREE? Thank you Allyson Wegeler!!! Your help is truly appreciated!

Tracie C. 8.11.17
Camille G.

I have had such an amazing experience with Katie through the Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks service!!! I am a hot mess and without Katie (who helped, not only myself, but my sister as well!!!) I would be super lost and stressed out. When you have so many options it gets very difficult to settle on one. Katie assisted me and created an excel sheet that housed crucial information, including things I didn't even know needed to be asked. When Katie and I first communicated, I was stuck in a bind and wasn't sure if I wanted to commit so she gave me the option of reaching back out once I was ready. I recently touched base with her and, on the same day, she had a new contract made for me and put me in contact with the hotel so we could setup constant communication. I want to thank Katie and her entire team for this wonderful experience!

Camille G. 10/7/17
Ashley L.

Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks is literally a dream come true. When I first heard about this service, I kept waiting for a catch but there wasn't one. I worked with Sara and she was truly amazing. She responded to emails probably within 10 mins and her enthusiasm was palpable. She was so efficient and well organized...I wish I could hire her as my wedding planner. She helped me find blocks for 2 well known NYC hotels and even negotiated the prices down. I 1000% recommend this service for any brides out there!

Ashley L. July 20th, 2017
Emma B.

As all other reviews have noted, this service is AMAZING and FREE! I found Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks at a Bridal Show, and quickly fell in love. Allyson sent me 8 different hotel options for my out of town wedding in Michigan. Even though my wedding is not for another year and a half, I was able to set up my block of rooms at a great price!

Emma B. October 13th 2018
Lindsay F.

first off, let me say i am the opposite of a bride-zilla. my goal during this entire wedding planning thing has been to not stress out, and so far (and with the help of kleinfeld) it's worked! katie was extremely helpful, sending me an extensive list of hotels for my guests that were in the price range we were hoping for. she answered my emails very quickly and i honestly don't think this process could've gone any smoother! also. it's free. amazing, duh

Lindsay F.
Danielle T.

Danielle T. My fiance and I worked with Nicole to get two hotel blocks at two different hotels near our venue in California. Nicole was super attentive and helpful and took care of everything! Couldn't believe that she could get everything from across the country so quickly. She answered all of my emails and silly questions promptly and respectfully. I can't believe this service is free! Such a great resource and so nice to be able to take one thing off your wedding-planning plate!

Danielle T. October 20th 2017
Alicia L.

Loved Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks! I had first tried looking up hotels on my own and it was a lot to keep track of researching each one by one, with different contacts and offers. Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks ended up reaching out to me and I had the pleasure of working with Allyson Wegeler. She was super responsive and informative. She sent me an excel spreadsheet of each hotel side by side comparing their offerings/prices etc. She also set up times for me to visit each hotel that I was interested in, negotiated and communicated as needed, and then provided me with contracts. It was super easy and convenient. She was fabulous!! Definitely recommend!

Alicia L. September, 22nd 2017
Suzanne S.

"I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks. I had the pleasure of working with Kathleen and she was courteous, responsive and professional. She provided a detailed excel spreadsheet of about 5 hotels with pricing and also additional information that I would not have even thought about if I were to book all these on our own (for example: handing out gift bags, some hotels will charge you extra for this service), but she made the whole experience effortless to navigate through. The best part is that the hotel we ended up going with is a brand new hotel located within 1 mi of our venue and is in the process of being built as we speak, so it wasn't even on our radar to seek out and inquire about. She negotiated the entire block to be complimentary without an attrition clause for a hotel in the heart of downtown Austin which is almost unspeakable.... Kathleen, thank you so much for all your help and the wonderful service that you have provided us, you have made this part such a breeze!!!! If you do anything right, work with Kleinfeld, you will not regret it! :) "

Suzanne S. 11/4/17
Kelly C. & John P.

Sara Hess at Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks is a miracle worker! I'm so glad I found out about Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks on Yelp! I am getting married in NYC over the summer and many wedding guests will be coming from out of town. I sent enquiries to Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks and some other meeting planner companies; I went with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks because it responded first - always a good sign. In fact, Sara responded within 24 hours. Sara and I worked on putting together a list of hotels based on Sara's recommendations and ones that I liked. Within days, Sara sent me a spreadsheet with details about each hotel property, photos, room options, pricing and amenities. Sara is incredibly knowledgeable about event planning and the hotel industry. She gave me advice on how many hotels to include and advised me on which properties had better or worse terms in their contracts. The hotel's proposal is not the "best and final" offer. Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks has great relationships with hotels and negotiated on my behalf to get upgraded rooms and more rooms at my selected properties vs the hotels' initial offer. This is an amazing service for out of town guests that is free the host. I used Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks for my upcoming NYC wedding, but the services are global. If I ever need to wrangle another block of rooms, I'm reaching out to Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks.

Kelly C. & John P. 6.17.17
Debbie S.

I feel so incredibly lucky that a friend of mine referred me to Sara to help with finding the right hotel for my upcoming wedding! I was researching and calling nearby hotels to my venue and finding it hard to get a timely response from the sales managers and to get good prices! Fortunately, i reached out to Sara before i got too frustrated, and she found me the BEST deal at the closest NICEST hotel that was on my "wish list" for a hotel!! I still can't believe she got me the lowest price at my top choice AND was able to snag the suite for my fiancé and me too. Hooray! To have this portion of work done for me was incredibly helpful, and Sara was so fast, responsive, and a pleasure to work with! I can't recommend her or this service highly enough!

Debbie S. 7.18.17
Katie C. and  Daniel F.

Highly, highly recommend Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks. Katie was super helpful in our search within the location of our venue and the specific price point my fiance and I were looking for. Took so much of the headache out of securing a room block. Looking forward to getting setup with my hotel vendor. Thanks, Katie!

Katie C. and Daniel F. September 30, 2017
Sarah A.

When I had started looking at setting up a hotel block, I had originally looked at Skipper (the hotel block associated with The Knot). I was just browsing but I had found a couple of hotels and thought I would get back to it later. Later that afternoon, I input the same search items and no hotels popped up. I. Literally. Freaked. I thought I was going to have to do all the research myself until I came across the Kleinfeld's link. HALLELUJAH. I live in California and they're based in New York. I also work night shifts so I was skeptical about how we would be able to communicate effectively. But they had raving reviews plus it's a free service, so I went for it. And I am so glad I did. Within an hour, I had gotten a response from Kathy. The following week, she had e-mailed me an excel spreadsheet (I love lists!) of five different hotels in the area and gave me a recommendations on what she thought would be fitting. I didn't have many special requests, but she made sure to include details and items (like upgrades) that I didn't even think of. There was a delay getting the contract finalized, but Kathy always kept me updated. I never once had to worry and every time I thought about contacting Kathy to follow up on the progress, she had already sent an e-mail out to me. Working with Kleinfeld's was stress-free! If you're on the fence, go for it. They know what they're doing and they will take care of you.

Sarah A. June 11, 2017
Gayle F.

I had heard about this free service from my sister but I didn't know what to expect. Allyson was GREAT in her personal attention to helping me find what I was looking for in a hotel for my wedding weekend. The comparison spreadsheet was extremely helpful in narrowing down the hotels based on my needs. And, Allyson was so FAST to respond to my questions and get my block booked. October is such a popular wedding month so I felt the stress of finding a nice hotel near my venue ASAP but Allyson worked fast and I got just what I wanted! Thanks again!!

Gayle F. 10/21/2017
Justine D. and Jake S.

Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks, and our contact Robyn, made researching and picking a hotel block incredibly smooth! My fiance and I received a detailed list of all the best rated hotels in the area, in all different price ranges and categories. The list arrived to us in an easy to read and super organized spreadsheet with every detail we could ever need. Robyn not only answered our questions, but she asked the hotels questions that would not have even occurred to me. She got us a spectacular rate for the hotel we requested, she gave amazing advice, her replies were swift and she was attentive. She seriously made this process so easy and even fun! I wasn't sure where to start, and she was such a great help. This service is incredible. I can't say enough good things about it. I can not believe the service is free too! Such quality help. She took a task on our very large wedding to-do list and handled it flawlessly. They definitely know how to treat there brides (and grooms) to be!

Justine D. and Jake S. 10/7/2017
Sarah R.

I am so glad a friend recommended Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks to me! Before finding them I had tried on my own to do research of the hotels but it was a nightmare, full of unanswered calls and emails. Then I met Katie and she was able to put together a wonderful spreadsheet, full of all the amenities I was looking for! I could compare the hotels in the area side by side. She corresponded with me daily, through email, and made sure all my questions were answered. This was probably one of the easiest parts of the wedding to plan, thanks to the free service they provide. Thank you!

Sarah R. 10/20/17
Tori M.

Robyn! You are wonderful!!!! Thank you for being patient and still contacting me when I didn't give a response or was unsure!! You took so much off my plate. My fiancé lives in NEW Zealand so things get stressful even though he is as involved as he can! Your help was much appreciated and I could not be happier with your services!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Tori M. 7/16/17
Megan F.

I would 100% recommend Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks to any couple planning their wedding! It was by far the easiest part of my planning process thus far! I worked with Sara Hess and I cannot thank her enough! I found the service in my WedHappy app, which said it was complimentary. I thought "Really? Complimentary?..." The wedding planning process has proven that each task and vendor is usually more time consuming and more expensive than anticipated. But it is true! It is a truly free service. More than that, Sara was SUCH a pleasure to work with. She diligently followed up with hotels when we were waiting to hear from them regarding contracts. She was incredibly responsive to all of my questions. The rates she negotiated were great, too. Sara and Kleinfeld - I am SO appreciative and grateful for your research and work. One more task checked off my list and it was totally stress-free!

Megan F. 4/22/17
Amanda W.

Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks was a lifesaver! I worked with Sara, who was able to search multiple areas near our wedding venue and hand over an easy to follow spreadsheet with each hotel's specifics. For our wedding the majority of our guests will be from out of town, and having a hotel block will be great for them!

Amanda W. 4/22/17
Danielle C.

Katie was great and helped me book a courtesy block for some rooms at a hotel near my venue. My venue is in the Hudson Valley of NY, in a fall (a very popular time to visit), so I am super nervous about rooms booking quickly. I had reached out to hotels and none of them would even talk to me until a year before, when hotel reservations open. Katie worked her magic and found a hotel that would accommodate! Thanks for all the help :)

Danielle C. 10/14/17
Allison F.

It would be so silly not to use this free and excellent service. Prompt, professional, and helpful it takes a load off you and you can rely on the service to get you what you need. Cathy was always nice and helped me with everything I asked.

Allison F. 5/27/17
Nadiuska M.

Thank you Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks Reservation team, especially Sara Hess, for taking care of our guests hotel reservations. We're so happy not to have to stress about this part of our wedding planning. Amazing!!

Nadiuska M. 11/11/16
Laura C.

I am not a planner, so it was so helpful to just have Katie and Robyn take over for me. I am usually really indecisive but the spreadsheet they made me was so great that it made it really easy to pick a hotel that had everything we were looking for for our guests. I can't thank them enough- they are awesome!

Laura C. 4/1/17
Cristina C

Robyn, Thank you so much for all of your help with this process! You have no idea how helpful it has been to have you during this crazy wedding planning. I will definitely keep you in mind for any future events leading up to my big day.

Cristina C 11/18/16
Jessica K.

This was an entirely free service. No hidden costs anywhere! They simply asked for where my wedding venue was located, special requests, and sent me a list of hotels. After responses came in, Robyn, the person specifically helping me, sent over a spreadsheet that had details I would have never thought to ask a hotel. I could easily compare hotels and it made the decision so easy! I was given responses quickly and she even double checked details with the hotel for me to make sure I was satisfied. I am very thankful for this service and will be recommending this to every engaged couple I know! Thanks so much Robyn!

Jessica K. 4/29/17
Odamea A.

OMG! this was the best thing ever! So easy! We had a two day event to plan for and they made it so easy :)! And it's FREE!!! WOW! Thanks again!!!

Odamea A. 10/2016
Kristy S.

Jackie Berry was amazingly wonderful to work with. She went above and beyond my expectations! She was able to find us a very great hotel at a great price with no financial obligation for my fiancé and I for our destination wedding in Puerto Rico (this is a very challenging task). She was extremely efficient, helpful, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process, always answering my many questions. I would highly recommend Jackie and Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks to anybody requiring a group booking whether large or small!

Kristy S. 2/18/17
Cheryl B

We worked with Sara setting up a room block for our wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral. She was fantastic and was able to obtain a room rate below $200 for a Saturday in NYC at a GREAT hotel. Given that half of our wedding international guests, this is very important to us. This service was helpful because there are so many hotels in NYC and this really helps you decide. In addition, the information that she gathered was fast and very informative. She set up meetings with all of the hotel personnel and we got tours of the hotels we were interested in. Overall this was a great experience and it was FREE! Thanks Sara for all of your help!

Cheryl B 7/8/17
Christan Z.

Robyn, I am so absolutely impressed with everything you have done for my fiance and I. We were dreading the entire process of booking a hotel and you made the process smooth and enjoyable. I can't thank you enough for helping us and to make our wedding that much better! I will definitely be keeping in touch!

Christan Z. 6/2/17
Brittany M.

Working with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks has been nothing but a pleasure! The service has been incredibly helpful and well organized. The best part is its free! Hard to believe that you could have a personal consultant responding to your emails within 5 minutes with a large spreadsheet of options based on your specifications with no cost associated, but it’s true! I would highly recommend them to anyone I know without hesitation. Thank you so much for all of your help in making our wedding planning easy and seamless!

Brittany M. 8/2016
Laura K. and Val T.

Wedding planning is so overwhelming with all of the little tasks involved. My consultant Robyn saved me a lot of time and energy by taking care of my room block for FREE! She listened to what I wanted and took care of everything with the hotel - even the banquet room booking! I was able to see all of my options in a simple, easy to read spreadsheet and trust that I was getting the best deal by having a professional help me. Robyn answered all of my questions promptly and clearly and gave me additional advise along the way which was so helpful! I highly recommend this service to every bride! I'm forever grateful!

Laura K. and Val T. 1/14/2017
Ciasia B.

Katie, Thank you so much for ALL of your help!! I honestly cant thank you enough - You were professional and helped me out tremendously. The spreadsheet was thorough and in-depth. I will let EVERYONE know about this amazing FREE service offered!

Ciasia B. 11/26/16
Christy L.

I first heard about the Kleinfeld hotel block service when I was sitting in the lobby waiting for my dress appointment and I am so thankful today that I took the opportunity to fill out that short information form! Robyn Quarella was my personal consultant and she made finding hotels, negotiating rates, and booking the contract more stress-free and easy than I could have ever imagined! Planning a wedding can be such a stressful time, so I am so grateful that one of the necessary tasks was so painless!

Christy L. 2016-04-16
Sarah S.

Thank you again for all your hard work securing these rooms! Just from my limited experience calling around myself, before I heard about your service, I can tell it is no easy task. I had called one hotel 4 times to leave messages with their sales department, as well as emailed, and STILL have not heard back! This is a truly amazing service Kleinfeld offers and I have already recommended it to all my engaged friends! Thank you again! (And that spreadsheet you made of all the hotels to choose from was sooo amazing and professional!).

Sarah S. 2016-05-06
Joanna M.

Our experience with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks has been one of the best and most seamless vendor experiences in the planning of our wedding. We worked with Sara Hess who was always responsive, helpful, and patient with us. This service is a game changer for getting accommodations for our guests and there is literally no reason not to use it.

Joanna M. 2016-05-20
Dana A.

Sara Hess has been our tireless advocate from the first email, and we could not be more thankful. Thank you, Sara!!!! Five stars - highly recommended!!

Dana A. 2016-06-11
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