Not to diss the girl squad, they’ve been there for you through all the ghosting that finally led to THE ONE, but do you want the extra cost? And more importantly, do THEY?

If Instagram is the window into wedding trends, then here’s what we’ve learned:

  1. You can’t just call your girls to ask if they want to be in your wedding anymore, it’s a full-on proposal.
    (Ready to put that 1st grade math to work? Let’s start adding this up!)
  2. The dresses have a cost too so let’s add that on ($$$)
  3. Do you trust everyone to do their own hair & make-up? Negative. So factor in the cost of the Glam Squad – $$$
  4. Oh and then the Thank You gift – $$$$

Never mind the challenges that could come up planning a bridal shower, bachelorette party and the inevitable disagreements over the dresses you’re picking for them that they’ll never wear again.

But what’s the alternative? If you say no to the whole idea, who holds your bouquet during the ceremony? Who makes sure your wedding dress train is nice for pictures? Who’s planning the bridal shower (because you definitely want one of those!)? And what about the Bachelorette?

Here’s the deal, you can have all of the above with or without a bridal party. You can have a Maid of Honor and if it’s just one person, the dress shopping process, glam squad, etc. all becomes a lot easier. Mom can put together a shower instead of a bridal party and the bachelorette party? Trust us, the girls will rally whether there’s a bridal party or not.

So don’t feel like you HAVE to do a bridal party if you’re worried about the added responsibility or costs.

That being said, if any of our friends are planning a wedding party, you better ask us to be in your bridal party because we all want our 27 Dresses moment and we’re still in the single digits.

All jokes aside, it’s your day, do it your way!