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Lenia J.

Quick and easy way to get your hotel rooms for your guest, they provided me with a list of all the hotels that are available and they got me the best prices it took away the headache of me trying to search and i have less hair to have to pull out of my hair thank you Jackie for all of your help.

Lenia J.
Married: 9/8/17

Kristen made this the easiest process ever. Within a day I had 5 options to choose from and once I made a decision, I had the contract done and signed so quickly! They also connected with a representative at the hotel. This was the easiest process of wedding planning by far.

Megan B.
Married: October 21st, 2017
Megan B.
Tracie C.

OMG!!! So easy, and who knew this existed? Why do this yourself when you can have a professional recommend, negotiate and set up your hotel block for FREE? Thank you Allyson Wegeler!!! Your help is truly appreciated!

Tracie C.
Married: 8.11.17

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